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OKVIP human resources – one of the issues that many young people are concerned about recently. We provide quality benefits and attractive salaries. To better understand this recruitment opportunity, please follow the detailed information in the article below.

The opportunity to become an OKVIP employee is open

Summary of remuneration policies for OKVIP personnel

Recruiting personnel at OKVIP not only brings job opportunities to workers but also helps you have the opportunity to “start a business” successfully.

Competitive salary and bonus regime

One of OKVIP”s outstanding advantages for employees is its extremely attractive salary and bonus regime. This unit often pays employees up to 20% higher than other units.

Furthermore, OKVIP employees, when completing their work well, are also rewarded with additional commissions depending on the project and business results.

Insurance regime is transparent and clear

According to information from OKVIP”s human resources recruitment department, this unit provides workers with reliable insurance, rated up to 50% higher than other places.

If employed here, you will enjoy benefits such as health insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, and annual holidays. Furthermore, the company also organizes annual trips for employees.

For female employees, you will be given leave during maternity leave and can return to normal work after giving birth. In addition, you are also entitled to take leave if you experience illness or disease.

For OKVIP employees who have to work away from home, the company will support meals per month of at least 3 million VND and provide accommodation with full basic amenities.

OKVIP personnel are trained with in-depth knowledge

One of OKVIP”s outstanding advantages is its free training policy for employees, especially those without experience and knowledge about the job.

When you become an official employee, you will be provided with training courses from basic to advanced, helping to improve your skills and have opportunities for career advancement.

What positions is OKVIP currently recruiting?

OKVIP personnel are professional and confident in their work

Currently, OKVIP is recruiting many positions for workers. Below are some specific job positions that you can choose from.

OKVIP website SEO position

The SEO position at OKVIP requires candidates to perform the following tasks:

– Carry out Offpage and Onpage SEO accurately and effectively, build a marketing plan and social system for the project.

– Update information for articles and edit images, connect with the webmaster community, ensure the stability and quality of information on the website, manage the community on channels such as Google plus, Yahoo, Facebook.

Salary and bonus for this position: Offline probation 34 million, official 50 million; Online probation 12 million, official 15 million, with additional project-based commissions of 2%-20%, and additional bonuses of 0-10 million VND for employees who complete well.

IT Website Location

The job of the human resources recruitment position at OKVIP is to ensure the operation of the computer system”s servers and support in the process of building and developing OKVIP. To apply for this position, candidates need to meet some of the following requirements.

– Candidates need to have basic experience in FRONTEND and BACKEND and graduate with a certificate in information technology from college or higher.

– At the same time, they need to have solid knowledge of programming and social network platform development, as well as the ability to use English and basic programming languages.

– Eagerness to learn and the ability to work in groups are also required.

Salary for IT positions is as follows: offline: probationary 50 million, official 60 million; online: probation 20 million, official 25 million. Probation period is at least 3 months, with the possibility of early completion if working effectively. For employees working from the 2nd year onwards, the salary will increase by 10 million VND per month.


Above is complete information about tuyển dụng OKVIP, with the aim of finding the most suitable candidates. Hopefully through this article, you can find suitable job opportunities with a stable income.


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