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Link OKVIP is famous as a leading corporation in the Asian betting industry. Not only is it transparent in its operating license, but it also possesses a series of great amenities for betting participants. To understand more about this leading entertainment corporation, you can refer to the article below.

Overall assessment of OKVIP”s development

OKVIP is a leading entertainment group in the betting field. This place creates an interesting playground for millions of betting lovers around the world, including Vietnam.

Since 2016, when operating under the name Taipei101, OKVIP alliance has affirmed its position in the betting entertainment industry. The headquarters of this playground is located in the Philippines – a country that allows online betting to operate publicly.

With more than 10 years of operation, the group has always set clear goals and effective business strategies. After 4 years of establishment, the group also opened another branch in Cambodia, proving the strong development of this place.

Overall assessment of OKVIP”s development

Protecting players and creating a fair and safe betting environment are always top priorities. This place sponsors some of the leading reputable bookmakers in the market such as 789BET, HI88, JUN88, NEW88, SHBET, F8BET. These brands are all known for their great reputation and commitment to providing excellent service to customers.

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This reputable house always ensures that the deposit and withdrawal process is super fast, and they have a team of professional staff who are always improving and improving their knowledge to meet the needs of players.

Introducing the major bookmakers sponsored by OKVIP today

OKVIP is proud to be a reputable betting address with strong financial potential. The group sponsors some of the industry”s leading bookmakers, ensuring players have a reliable and quality betting experience. Below is a list of reputable bookmakers today:


BANHGIO is a member of the OKVIP group. This is a famous website address that provides complete information about football matches taking place in the world”s leading tournaments such as La Liga, Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Euro, World Cup, etc. ..

Becoming a member of BANHGIO, players will have the opportunity to learn about many useful sports betting experiences shared by experts and players.

BANHGIO provides the latest football news, odds and in-depth analysis before kickoff, helping players get the necessary information to bet. With support from a powerful corporation, BANHGIO is committed to ensuring fairness in betting activities.

BANHGIO is a member of the OKVIP group


With a variety of betting and game types, JUN88 has built a solid reputation in the industry. With a modern interface and professional service, JUN88 is one of the top choices for players.

Along with that, the house is always committed to ensuring fairness when betting. All personal information and transactions of players will be absolutely confidential using modern technology.


Bookmaker NEW88 is known in many countries around the world before thriving in the Vietnamese betting market. With clear goals and commitment to high-class service quality, NEW88 has built its brand to become one of the prestigious addresses in the fishing village. In particular, with the sponsorship from OKVIP Group, NEW88 ensures maturity while betting.

NEW88 is a bookmaker sponsored by OKVIP


With dedication and professionalism, SHBET has built a loyal community of players. With a team of experienced staff, SHBET is committed to bringing the best betting experience to customers.


SHBET is a leading reputable bookmaker in the betting market and is sponsored by OKVIP Group. This is a diverse reward playground, offering a series of attractive games such as Sports Betting, Fish Shooting, Cock Fighting, Casino, Lottery, ESport and many other games.

SHBET attracts many players because of its diversity of promotions. Having many promotions gives players the opportunity to receive huge rewards.


With a friendly interface and dedicated service, HI88 provides a reliable and convenient betting experience. With professional customer care, HI88 creates the best conditions for players.

HI88 is a major partner of OKVIP


Online bookmaker 789BET has become a popular and widespread name in the online betting and entertainment industry. With a diverse range of games and high standard service quality, 789BET has attracted a large number of participants.

With its vision, 789BET not only brings attractive games but also puts player satisfaction and experience first. They continuously upgrade and improve their services to meet every player”s needs and desires.


Above is information about OKVIP. Thus, with the vision and commitment of the group, players can feel secure and fully enjoy the betting experience at the leading bookmakers sponsored by this group.


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